Please note that these are GENERAL objectives that will be introduced to your three year old at preschool. Each child learns and explores at his/her own pace.


Language Development

*Uses increasingly complex vocabulary and sentences

*Uses language to communicate feelings, needs, questions, etc.

*Understands communications takes many forms

*Adjusts volume, expression, inflection of voice to situation



*Begins to understand story sequence and predict what follows

*Begins to move from scribbling to shapes and first drawings

*May recognize some letters, especially ones in his name

*Has a growing interest in books, fiction and nonfiction

*Retells stories

*Can hear and discriminate sounds more distinctly

*Associates the spoken language with written words



*Compares quantities, sizes, shapes

*Recognizes common shapes and sorts by attributes

* Makes simple patterns (circle, square, circle, square)

*Understands simple positional words (over, behind, etc)

*Rote counts to ten or higher

*Begins to understand the one-to-one correspondence



*Observes, describes his environment

*Has respect for his body and the environment

*Uses different methods to solve problems

*Classifies objects that belong together

*Solves simple cause-and-effect situations


Creative Expression

*Names different shapes, lines, materials, processes

*Experiments with different musical instruments

*Enjoys listening to a variety of music

*Dances with control

*Engages in more complex dramatic play

*Exhibits an increasing delight in beauty in his environment


Self Control

*Shows more control of impulses, emotions

*Begins to accept consequences of his actions

*Follows simple rules, routines and basic safety precautions

*Self regulates during transitions from one activity to next


Approaches to Learning

*Approaches activities with increasing flexibility, curiosity, and imagination

*Concentrates more intently on tasks

*Takes direction


Physical Health/Development

*Practices good hygiene when eating, toileting, wiping nose

*Follows basic safety rules

*Enjoys and participates in outdoor play

*Exhibits increasing development of fine and gross motor skills

*Developing increased hand-eye coordination

*Becomes more self sufficient in dressing, washing hands and other self help skills


Social/Emotional Development

*Accepts guidance from supervising adults

*Begins to understand how his actions affect others

*Plays cooperatively with others