Please note that these are GENERAL objectives that will be introduced while your child is at preschool. Each child learns and explores at his/her own pace.


Language Development

*Responds to verbal, nonverbal cues

*Points to object when named

*Shows protest/disagreement

*Begins “singing”

*Speaks in 2-3 word sentences “car go”


Emergent Literacy

*Repeats patterns in rhymes, songs

*Enjoys stories

*Vocalizes, points when book is read



*Begins to understand quantity such as “more”

*Counts in rhymes, songs

*Explores spatial relationships

*Matches like objects

*Becomes familiar with daily routine


Creative Expression

*Uses a variety of art tools, media; explores environment

*Imitates sounds and facial expressions

*Participates in music and movement

*Engages in dramatic play, imitation


Social/Emotional Development

*Develops a trust in teacher/caregiver

*Recognizes family members

*Begins to cooperate with others

*Receives introduction into sharing, taking turns


Physical Health/Development

*Improves fine motor skills (facial, hands, feet)

*Improves gross motor skills(trunk, legs, neck, arms,head)

*Becomes aware of body parts

*Enjoys and participates in outdoor play

*Begins handwashing with help

*Begins self-help skills (clean up, put on jacket, throw away trash)


Learning About His World

*Names some living things

*Uses senses when exploring

*Expresses curiosity about his environment

*Manipulates objects to see what they do

*Tries several ways to solve a play dilemma

*Explores new materials, events, sounds