Please note that these are GENERAL objectives that will beintroduced to your two year old at preschool. Each child learns and explores at his/her own pace.


Language Development

*Answers simple questions about a story or song

*Uses words to communicate wants and needs

*Initiates conversation


Emergent Literacy

*Orally plays with words that sound the same


*Attends to brief stories, songs

*Recognizes simple sounds in his environment



*Identifies basic shapes, shorts items by shape

*Begins to understand time sequence, routines

*Awareness of numbers and quantity (more, less)

*Recognition of basic symbols (stop sign, McDonalds)



*Describes what is observed

*Recognizes the way living things interact in an environment


Creative Expression

*Uses play props in dramatic play

*Participates in music and movement

*Uses a variety of art media

* Talks about art creations



Social/Emotional Development

*Develops a trusting attachment with caregivers

*Identifies places at school that correspond with home

*Engages in interaction with others

*Begins to use words to express feelings

*Participates in gatherings, concerts, plays for brief periods


Self Regulation

*Follows simple rules

*Plays independently for increasing periods of time

*Shows empathy

*Can calm himself when stressed  

*Respects routine and tries to follow it

*Expresses disagreement


Approaches to Learning

*Begins problem solving

*Exhibits curiosity about situations and the environment

*Uses objects as tools

*Makes independent choices


Self Help

*Removes own clothes, tries to dress self

*Cleans self after toileting, if toilet trained

*Drinks from a cup

*Begins to use fork and spoon to feed self

*Uses tissues

*Cleans up after playing


Physical Health/Development

*Uses crayons, markers, paint brushes with increasing control

*Begins to name body parts

*Continues to improve fine and gross motor skills

*Enjoys and participates in outdoor play

*Washes hands with assistance