Preparing Items for Sale

The three basic steps in the tagging process include:

1) Gathering your items to sell and sorting them according to gender and size

2) Data entry; descriptions and prices

3) Producing the actual bar-coded tags and attaching them to your items

NOTE: Preparation and tagging MUST be done at home prior to drop-off. Sellers will not be allowed to prepare and tag their items at drop-off. We recognize some tags may get misplaced when bringing in the items. That is perfectly normal and fine. We are referring to tagging and preparing the majority of your items intentionally at drop off. This will not be allowed. It adds extra challenges for our volunteers and is disruptive. Thank you for your understanding. 

1) Gathering and Sorting

First, you should gather and organize all of your clothing items in groups according to gender and size. The data entry process is faster as you will not have to change the item description or size with each new item. Enter information about non-clothing items such as toys either before or after the clothes; that way you will have an easier time keeping up with your inventory because it is in “chunks” on your inventory report document. Make sure each item is clean and “gently used;” we will reject outright or remove from the sale floor items that are found to be excessively worn or stained.

2) Data Entry

Log on to your MCM account and click on the “Enter Items” tab. Once on that page, enter item information as shown, paying close attention to the “discount” and “donate” fields with each item. Each item will be sold/discounted or donated as printed on its tag- no exceptions.  Any handwritten changes to your tags cannot be honored; when in doubt the item will be pulled from the sale.

You do not have to enter all of your items at one time! MCM saves your items’ information from one session to the next. Please make sure your items are entered by the deadline we provide.  At that point the sale will be locked and no further items can be entered; however, you will be able to print tags for any previously entered items.

3) Tagging Items

Your actual bar-coded tags can be produced at any point, meaning you can enter some inventory, print those tags, then enter more at a later time, then print those tags. It may be easier if you wait until all inventory has been entered, then print your tags all at once.The system will guide you through the printing process; it is fairly intuitive, but please contact us via if you have a question or problems.

A few important things to remember- you MUST print your tags in black ink on white or light colored cardstock paper (available at office supply or craft stores), and you should use your printer’s lower quality or “draft print” setting. A higher quality print setting uses more ink, and is more likely to produce blurry bar codes.

Once you have printed your sheets of tags (8 per page), you cut them out and attach them to your items.

Secure your tags to clothing  with a safety pin on the left shoulder, or right side as it faces you, with the hook of the hanger forming a “question mark”. (The tags are easier to secure if you use a hole punch first in the upper center of the tag near the word “Category”)

For non-clothing items, please attach the tag with 2 inch tape along the top of the tag; do not tape over the barcode or it will not scan.

For shoes, please attach pairs with string/ribbon/safety pins, and attach the tag to the pair.

When you bring your items to check-in:

-Please ensure all items are properly tagged

-Please have your clothing items on hangers and sorted by size and gender

-Please bring a copy of your inventory report

For any further questions about preparing your items for sale, please contact us at Thanks for consigning with us!