Transferring Inventory

Moving Inventory within the MyConsignmentManager System

As a consignor with the MyCM system, you are able to re-use tags* from other sales within the system provided that you use the same consignor root number at each sale, and that number has not already been claimed. (00055, 0055; “55” is the root number)

*If you decide to change a price, discount, or donate setting on an item you must re-print that specific item’s tag.

We can manually change your assigned Little Lambs number to your previous MyCM number if you send an email to  Include your name in the subject line and in the email include the number you were assigned when you registered for our sale and the number you wish to use.

Once your number has been changed, you may move your inventory.

To Move Inventory-

Go to website.

Choose “Seller Login” and login to your MCM account.

Choose “Manage Inventory” on the bar at the top right.

At the inventory management page-

1) Choose which sale you would like to work on, meaning which sale you would like to move your inventory FROM.

Also choose your target consignment, the current Little Lambs sale, to move your items TO.

2) “Select items below” helps you choose which items you want to move.  You can customize this as you like, in case you don’t want to put everything from the prior sale in our sale.

To ensure you get everything you want, show 100 entries. (if you have more, you will have to move the rest separately)

Change the status bar to “Not Sold”, and hit the refresh button.

Now all of your unsold inventory should be visible.

Check the box above the “refresh” button to move all items; otherwise go through the list and check the box next to the items you would like to move. (Remember at the next sale which sale you “left” the items in, though!)

3) Choose “transfer to target consignment” at the top of the page

If you have problems moving your inventory, please contact us at, and thanks for consigning with Little Lambs!